Power electronics core devices

Bronze is committed to the development of power electronic core components, independent research and development of the IGBT driver chip, high-precision current sensors, power electronic building blocks and other products, which are widely used in the new energy, smart grid, rail transportation and other fields. More>>


Power electronics solutions

Bronze provides customers with power electronic equipment solution for customers in the emerging industry. To help customers achieve the best performance of products and systems to create efficient and stable energy systems. More>>


Miracle in polar region: Bronze Technologies Ltd. supported the SUNGROW Samsung energy storage system

Bronze Technologies Ltd. provides efficient, energy-saving and safe IGBT drivers for solar power, which greatly reduces the difficulty of micro-grid energy management system and improves the reliability of micro-grid power supply. The system operates stably in harsh weather conditions.


Bronze Technologies Ltd.launchesthe automotive-grade IGBT driver

6QP0230T06-HP2 driver is an automotive-grade driver which is customized for Infineon’s HP2IGBT module. All of the components used on this driver are AEC-Q100 (AEC-Q101) / AEC-Q200 certified, and have been used by multiple clients.


Bronze Technologies Ltd& Infineon jointly launched the XHP

multi-parallel driver solution

Infineon’sXHPTM series of IGBT is a new generation of power module to improve power unit flexibility, reliability, while improving power density, enhance power efficiency. In conjunction with Infineon, Bronze has launched a multi-parallel driver solution for the 3300V XHPTM3 packaged IGBTs.